Help Will Achieve His Dream with an Adaptive Bike

Meet William, affectionately known as “Will” or “Wheelz.” Will is a vibrant four-year-old with an infectious love for life. He adores animals, devours pizza with enthusiasm, and is passionate about sports. Wrestling with his brother and engaging in games with his friends are some of his favorite activities. Will’s friendly nature means that every stranger he meets soon becomes a friend, complete with knowing their name and favorite color.

Will’s dream is to ride a bike just like the “big boys.” His ultimate goal is to be as strong and mighty as Maui from Moana. An adaptive bike would not only help him achieve this dream but also support his physical development. It would strengthen his legs, paving the way toward the possibility of walking.

As his parents, we are committed to helping Will reach his full potential. An adaptive bike would be instrumental in promoting his independence and allowing him to actively play with his peers. This bike would do more than provide physical benefits; it would boost his confidence and sense of belonging.

We humbly ask for your support in providing Will with an adaptive bike. Your generosity will make a significant impact on his journey toward greater mobility and independence. Thank you for considering our request and for helping Will move closer to his dream.