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Developmental Therapy Center’s

21st Annual

Valentine Celebration!

Battle of The Badges

Voting begins on February 1 with the premiere of the Video Trailers. Video trailer votes will be tallied and added to live performance votes.  Live performances will take the stage on February 12th.


Dutch Miller, Somerville & Company, St. Joseph Catholic School and Sip Downtown Brasserie will be taking the stage to compete for the 6th Annual Lip Sync Battle.

Live and Online Auction

We will have some items exclusively at the event, but we will have some listed here and available for the public.


DTC’s 21st Annual Valentine Celebration


You know what they say, Rocco’s Ristorante plus DTC makes a match made in heaven, and we’re certain your taste buds will agree! During our Valentine Celebration, enjoy a divine and elegant dinner made with love by Rocco’s Ristorante.


You didn’t think the Lip-Sync Battle and Battle of the Badges were the only entertainment of the night, did you? You’ve seen our performers on stage, now it’s your turn to bust a move on the dance floor! Our incredible DJ, Phil Chapman, will play your favorite top hits from the 70’s all the way to the 2000’s. Phil will even make your heart sing by taking your song requests, so you can dance the night away to your favorite tunes. Go ahead and get a jumpstart and request your songs below!


Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Place your bids on the best auction in town! DTC 21st Annual Valentine Celebration will feature an online auction that begins on February 10th and closes on Valentine’s Day, February 14th at 8 pm. But what about the silent auction at the event? DTC will have a total of ten packages exclusively available for DTC Valentine Celebration guests to place their bids. An online auction and silent auction… who doesn’t love the best of both worlds?

Dessert Dash

A dashing good time! Feast your eyes on the best desserts in town and place your bids. The table with the highest bid gets to select their dessert first followed by the next highest bidding table. But, hurry! You must select a runner from your table to dash to the desserts as the emcee rapidly announces table numbers. Don’t miss the chance to select the dessert that has your burning desire. The best part about this game is that each table gets to have their cake (or other delicacy) and eat it too!

Heads or Tails

It’s the old coin toss game but with a twist! To play, buy a bead necklace at the registration booth and around the room. When the emcee starts the game, you either put your hands on your head or hands on your tail. A coin flip decides who keeps playing and who sits down. The game continues until only one person is left standing.The lucky winner receives a Valentine package from DTC!

Battle of The Badges

Live performances will take the stage
on February 12th. The competitor with the highest number of combined trailer and live performance votes will be crowned DTC’s Battle of the Badges Champion.

lip-sync battle

Four organizations take the stage to figure out who will win the Sixth Annual Lip-Sync Battle!

support DTC

Proceeds from the event will support DTC’s Many Hands, Many Minds, One Goal Campaign for Growth. Reservation costs are 50% tax-deductible.

Cupid's Kiss Signature Drink

DTC’s 21st Annual Valentine Celebration would not be complete without our signature drink, Cupid’s Kiss. Who would have thought combining whiskey and peanut butter would have your taste buds falling in love? Trust us, Cupid’s Kiss will steal your heart!

Door Prizes

We would LOVE to stay connected with you and for you to win a prize! Simply fill out our Connect Card with your name and email address. All Connect Cards will be entered into our drawing with names pulled throughout the evening. It’s the luck of the draw!

The Huntington Police Department and The Huntington Fire Department are some of Huntington’s finest. They’re known for saving lives, running into burning buildings, and protecting the city. What they’re not always known for is their ability to bust a move, but we sure know they can! 

To help HPD and HFD create performances that will knock your socks off, they have enlisted the help of some of the most talented choreographers from our tri-state community. This year, HPD has partnered with 4th Avenue Arts to fine tune their dancing moves, and HFD has partnered with Bridget’s Dance Academy to brush up their boogie down shoes. 

We want to thank 4th Avenue Arts and Bridget’s Dance Academy for generously donating their time and talents to support DTC’s 21st Annual Valentine Celebration. We cannot wait to see what they have in store!

lip-sync battle participants

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Sweetheart package

Roses are red. Violets are blue. There is no need to end the night so soon! Enjoy the Valentine Celebration and don’t worry about partaking in the open bar. With our Sweetheart Package, you and your sweetheart will receive a couple’s admission to our Valentine Celebration, a relaxing night stay at the Delta Hotel Marriott, Huntington Mall, and be whisked away with shuttle service to and from the hotel. This package is sure to have your Valentine wishes come true!


FEBRUARY 12, 2022
7:00 PM


6300 US-60
Barboursville, WV 25504


Black-Tie Optional


Corporate Sponsors: DTC’s 21st Annual Valentine Celebration would not be possible without the support from our generous community partners. Your love and support make our Valentine Celebration a greater success. If you feel it in your heart, please join hands with DTC as a corporate sponsor to support Developmental Therapy Center’s 21st Annual Valentine Celebration. 


SUBMIT your favorite song or a list of songs that you would like played at the event.