Help us support individuals who have special needs in our community.


Many Hands. Many Minds. One Goal.


Our patients’ futures are in our hands–yours and mine. Our hands may be the only hands that can help these individuals with the challenges they face. Together, we can make even more progress toward our mission and make an even larger impact on the lives of the Tri-State area’s disabled and their families. DTC’s Building Home Campaign seeks your help in raising $1,000,000. These crucial funds will be used to eliminate our building mortgage, to make improvements and renovations in our building, and to purchase state-of-the-art therapy equipment.

Your gift will provide our patients with a therapeutic gymnasium equipped with items to develop and improve sensory and motor skills, such as a traverse climbing wall, therapeutic swings, a scooter board ramp, and a jungle gym, Children and adults in our community with sensory processing disorders can benefit from a Snoezelen Room, which would offer calming sounds, textures, lighting, effects, and aromas. Many patients will have the opportunity to utilize our treatment rooms to work on daily living skills, such as brushing their teeth, shaving, taking a shower, preparing a meal, and doing laundry.

Home is where we speak our first words. Home is where we take our first steps. For the disabled in our community, DTC is their home where our supportive, local, and caring staff helps them speak their first words and take their first steps. Join us today to help us reach our essential goal of building the best home in the Tri-State area for our patients.

There are many ways to help us build our home, and any amount, no matter how large or small, is appreciated. 

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