Let’s meet Nashton, an eight-year-old vibrant and energetic young man, whose infectious joy brightens the lives of everyone around him. Nashton faces unique challenges due to his sensory aversions, which make a traditional bike with training wheels unsuitable for him. However, his world opened up when he was introduced to an adaptive bike at school and during therapy sessions at DTC. This specialized bike has not only provided him with a sense of independence, but it has also boosted his confidence, allowing him to experience and enjoy more of life.

We are eager to bring this same joy and freedom to Nashton at home by providing him with his own adaptive tricycle. Having access to this tricycle would enable Nashton to play independently and explore his community, enriching his daily life and fostering his development.

Nashton’s boundless happiness and infectious smile are a testament to the positive impact this adaptive bike has had on him. With your support, we can give Nashton the gift of independence and the chance to thrive in his home environment and beyond. Your generosity would make a world of difference in the life of this incredible young boy.