Meet Jeriah, a vibrant 4-year-old boy with an extraordinary heart brimming with hope and energy. Despite facing challenges, Jeriah’s spirit remains resilient as he battles SMA Type 3.

Jeriah dreams of running and riding bikes like other children his age. His love for superheroes, especially Superman, ignites his imagination. He dreams of donning his superhero cape while zooming around on a bike, feeling the wind in his hair and the thrill of freedom.

Although Jeriah has encountered obstacles, his determination to learn and grow never wavers. He bravely faces each day, striving to conquer everyday tasks and taking steps towards independence.

Today, we invite you to join us in making Jeriah’s superhero dream a reality. By supporting his journey to ride a bike, you’ll not only build his confidence but also show him that superheroes do exist – in the kindness and generosity of others.

Together, let’s empower Jeriah to soar and embrace the joy of childhood adventures. Your contribution will make a world of difference in his life and will bring immeasurable happiness to his beautiful heart and radiant smile.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering Jeriah’s dream. Your kindness is truly appreciated, and may God bless you abundantly.