Jaylin is a spirited 10-year-old boy who lives with Cerebral Palsy. Despite his challenges, he radiates joy and has a smile that is truly contagious. Jaylin loves playing outside with his brothers and dogs, but muscle tightness limits his ability to ride a standard bicycle.

An adaptive bicycle, however, provides him with the necessary support for balance and stretching, allowing him to join in the fun and play with his siblings. Recently, Jaylin had the chance to ride an adaptive bike at Developmental Therapy Center, and he excelled—beaming with happiness the entire time. He was so thrilled that he did not want to get off!

We are reaching out to our community to help make Jaylin’s dream of owning an adaptive bicycle a reality. Your generous donation will provide him with the freedom and joy of riding alongside his brothers and dogs. Please consider contributing to support the purchase of this life-changing bike for Jaylin.

Thank you for your support and for helping us bring more smiles to Jaylin’s face.