Bikes Without Barriers

Empowering Mobility, Pedaling Towards Progress

About Bikes Without Barriers

Developmental Therapy Center’s Bikes Without Barriers Program is dedicated to helping children and adults who have disabilities receive access to customized bikes designed to help meet each individual’s unique needs. We pedal towards progress, believing that bikes are more than just wheels – they are gateways to mobility, strength, and unbridled fun!

Children and adults should experience the joy of riding bikes without barriers. That is why we are offering a variety of ways to purchase or secure funding for bikes. Currently, this program is available to any members of our community who may benefit.

Step 1

Complete our Application Form


Complete our Bikes Without Barriers Application Form to help us better understand the individual’s needs. Once submitted, our coordinator will reach out to schedule a free evaluation with one of our therapists. 

Step 2

Attend Your Evaluation


During the evaluation, our therapist will obtain necessary measurements and help you select the most suitable options for a fun and safe riding experience.

Step 3

Receive A Quote


Following the evaluation, we will provide you with a personalized quote, detailing the purchase price of the customized bike. You will have the flexibility to either make a direct purchase or explore the option of fundraising to cover the cost of the bike.

Step 4

Secure Funding


Recognizing that the purchase of a bike may pose a financial challenge for many families, we are committed to ensuring that our patients can acquire a bike regardless of financial constraints.

1. If financial support is needed, we will set up a personalized fundraising page on our website, similar to a GoFundMe page. You can easily share the link with your family, friends, and community, allowing them to directly contribute towards the purchase of your bike.

2. Additionally, as part of DTC’s fundraising efforts, we have created a Bikes with Barriers fund. This fund will be available to cover a portion or the entirety of the remaining cost of the bike that is not covered through your personal fundraising efforts.


Step 5

Receive Your Bike!


Once the bike is fully funded, DTC will order the bike. As soon as your bike arrives at DTC, you will have a final fitting. During the fitting, you will receive the bike, helmet, safety guidelines, and instructions on bike maintenance and care. 

It is now officially your bike, so go ahead and enjoy the ride!

Share Your Journey!

Send photos and videos of your pedals towards progress to We would love to share your success story with our community!


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If you have any questions about the Bikes without Barriers program or would like to contribute to our Bikes without Barriers fund, please contact us.